Every Business has a Story…
What’s Yours?

Prosper Digital is a full-service Brooklyn video production company. Guided by a passion to leverage the power of storytelling, we partner with companies of all sizes. Whether it’s a company story, commercial or testimonial, our experienced team collaborates with you to create compelling content to reach your target customers and expand your business.

Are you ready to take your videos to the next level?
Contact us, and let’s bring your story to life!


Why Us?

Inspiration & Partnership

Every business has a great story. We are inspired by yours and will partner with you on bringing your story to life.

Creativity & Experience

Creativity has no boundaries. Our experience enables us to find the sweet spot between your vision and your budget.


Connection & Results

We love sharing our passion for visual storytelling. So, connecting with you is just as important as creating a video that yields amazing results

At Prosper Digital, we partner with you to bring your story to life!

Love Notes

They took the time to ensure a quality production and we’re eternally grateful for the leverage that this work has given us in helping to promote our brand.

- Keys 4 Success

One of the most easiest and most helpful (companies) we’ve worked with. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.

- Blue Kai

Took the time to fully understand my intentions and desired messaging. It’s rare to find (a company) adept at all aspects of video production — from idea generation through to post-production.

- InStep Consulting

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