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Challenge: After their major company rebranding, Cogency Global needed a cohesive strategy that focused on the company’s growth – going from a national organization to one with a global footprint.

Solution: We collaborated with the company’s team to create innovative video strategies, which focused on balancing the right tone and messaging to engage current clients and attract new ones. 

Humor has its place. A funny spot targeting non-profits.

When it comes to compliance, non-profits would rather focus their limited resources toward their charitable mission instead of worrying about complicated rules, fees and risk. Using a "circus" as a metaphor, we showed the chaos of the tax-filing season and demonstrated how Cogency Global's one-stop-shop provides order to the madness.

"We could not have been happier with the process and the crisp, polished videos we came away with. (The Prosper Digital TV) team are professional, knowledgeable...and a delight to work with."

A circus mess to show the disheveled tax filing season.

We captured the fun and wacky moments from our professional clowns in a behind-the-scenes video. The content became an effective teaser for Cogency's marketing strategy.

Promoting a new brand. Encompassing a new identity.

Prior to shooting the company's commercial, we helped to promote their rebranding. It was important to share the company’s continued growth while also reassuring clients the core team remained the same.