Prosper Digital Partner Studios

Our two partner studios, Six+One located in Lower Manhattan and Buttons NY studios located in Midtown, are New York City-based studios that are built to serve client needs. Each studio is equipped with the technology and capabilities necessary to produce creative content for video production and live-streaming shows.

Our partner spaces now give us a greater ability to help you bring your story and ideas to life.

In addition, we have our studio at Prosper Digital that offers clients the ability to create a range of content. You can record a podcast, have a photoshoot or conduct a full-scale video production. We also offer post-production editing services. Our studio is fully equipped to bring your ideas to life. Reach out to us today to get started.

Six+One Studio

Six+One is a one-stop-shop for content creation. The studio is equipped with a modern kitchen designed for any food-related shoots. With a fully-functioning oven, fridge, burners and a microwave, the kitchen studio is an excellent location for cooking shows and live food demonstrations.

Adjacent to the kitchen is a versatile picture and video production studio that can be used for photoshoots, interviews and live streaming experiences. The space also has a video playback and viewing lounge with comfortable furniture, a large conference room for client meetings and a post-production editing suite. This creative space allows clients to fully conceptualize, execute and deliver all in one location. Learn more about our live streaming services

Buttons NY Studios

Buttons NY is a studio facility of ultramodern spaces. As a global sound and post finishing agency, the Buttons NY team simplifies your sound and color finishing process. You have access to full-scale and newly-renovated studio spaces to produce commercials, films or TV productions.

With everything under one roof, Buttons has five studio rooms to accommodate a variety of audio needs including recording, podcasting, sound mixing, sound design, ADR, etc. Post-editing suites are also available to meet client needs.