2020 Best Remote Work-From-Home Tools

Joanes Prosper and Ian Busching speak on best tools to for Remote Work and to Work From Home. COVID-19 Coronavirus help

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Tools & tips for those transitioning into remote work. A conversation feat. Joanes Prosper & Ian Busching.

Professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives around the world are grappling with the reality of social distancing amid the COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak.

To help reduce the headache, Prosper Digital TV CEO, Joanes Prosper talks with Ian Busching of Dig Down Media to share the most effective tools for Online Meetings, Remote Learning, Webinars, and Live Streaming Events.

“As companies seek to transition to online work, there are a ton of productivity and connectivity tools to help facilitate remote work experiences.”

– Ian Busching


1. Online Meetings

The best free, free-mium and paid online meeting tools mentioned: [click on the names]

2. Remote Learning

The best free, free-mium and paid remote learning and training tools, from basic to pro, mentioned:

3. Webinars

The best free, free-mium and paid webinar tools, with some overlap, mentioned:

4. Live Streaming / Virtual Events – (Basic, Mid-tier, & Premium)

The best basic, mid-tier and premium live streaming tools mentioned:

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As a part of a self – and in some ways mandatory – quarantine, having your home suddenly become a school or workplace can be pretty disorienting.

With these various online/ Remote Working tools, countless teachers, professionals, entrepreneurs, instructors, students, freelancers, creatives, event producers, and anyone else directly affected by the economic toll COVID-19 is taking on our economy can pivot toward alternative means of income and progress.

Many government agencies [city, state, and federal] as well as local businesses and large corporations have been forced to get creative with their time and their work. Whatever the case may be, you are not alone in this. And with these tools and tips in your arsenal, you’ll be better suited for this, new normal.

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