Stop The Silence Time Square Concert: Unique Social Distance Event

Prosper Digital TV and Six+One, in collaboration with pastor and activist, Dimas Salaberrios, produced a one-of-kind social distance concert in Times Squares NY during the pandemic under the guise of “Disruption For Good.” Catalyzed by the George Flyod incident and the  devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, this social distance event aimed to empower New Yorkers to use their collective voice to stand together against injustice. 

As the only social distance concert blessed by the City, it aimed to provide hope and motivation to millions of residents in NYC.  The concert featured notable guests such as Allen Huston(former Knick/ NBA star), Mayor Bill Diblasio, Dr. A.R. Bernard, pastor Jon Tyson, Angie Rose (performer), DJ Zeke and many others. 

The concert brought  people together, in peace and solidarity,  to speak up for social justice as well as to honor the first responders in the NYC community who are saving lives during the pandemic. This collaboration between secular, political, and religious leaders sent a  strong message of how our city can come together in the fight for dignity and equality in our city.

The teams of Prosper Digital TV & Six+One produced a memorable and impactful event.