Reflecting On 10 Years

Ten years ago when I started helping small businesses, I didn’t know I was creating a business. I was just excited about combining my love for filmmaking, technology and marketing to support other entrepreneurs. I enjoyed learning about their dreams and sacrifices, and channeling that into unique stories. It never felt like work. With each business, I reveled in finding the heart of every story. 

A decade later, I remain passionate about partnering with businesses to tell their stories. Although I’ve transitioned from being behind the camera to working behind the scenes, I’m still motivated by the same goal – to empower businesses to discover their authentic voice and inspire their audiences. 

Today, I’m fortunate to work with a dynamic and talented team to continue expanding our creative vision. I’m humbled by the growing numbers of corporations, government agencies and brands who now work with us and deeply grateful to the small businesses that took a chance on me when I was a one-man operation. 

As we celebrate this important milestone, I want to express my appreciation to everyone who contributed to the growth of Prosper Digital TV. 

Looking forward to the many adventures ahead! 

Joanes and the Prosper Digital Team