Global Magazine “CULTURS” Features Founder’s Journey

Prosper Digital TV CEO Joanes Prosper is profiled in the latest edition of CULTURS Magazine about his journey from Caribbean roots to transforming dreams into reality. 

Founded more than 10 years ago, Prosper Digital has grown to become a vibrant community of collaborators that partners with purpose-driven brands and agencies to help them deeply engage with their audiences.

Now, with a growing range of clients from industry, government, non-profit, and community sectors, Prosper Digital is expanding its efforts in original content development and production. Prosper also talked with CULTURS about a documentary project called “Finding the Prospers,” the first project he worked on and where all his dreams started. 

CULTURS is a global magazine that showcases multicultural perspectives on lifestyle articles for the Global Nomads, Third Culture Kids, racially-, ethnically-, and culturally-blended people.

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