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Today, video ranks as the number one form of communication. More and more businesses are looking to leverage video in their marketing and promotions as well as in their audience and employee engagement. However, the cost and stress of selecting the right person or team, keep many companies from investing in a long-term video strategy. How can you address this challenge?

Introducing the Video ClubThe Video Club is a membership service that removes all the roadblocks to having a fast, easy and dependable video strategy for all of your projects. Whether you need to shoot monthly or quarterly client update videos, special events, testimonials, or how-tos, the Video Club offers a simple, economical, and professional solution.  

As a member, all you have to do is:

This service gives you the benefit of having a dedicated video team without the expense or the hassle of finding the best partner for different projects. So, if you’re ready to feature video as part of your ongoing communication, the Video Club was made for you. There is no other service out there like it.

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